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Published in 2004

Starlog Magazine - Warrior Princess
March 2004

Empire Magazine - Star Track; The Next Generation (excerpt)
February 2004

Now Magazine (UK)
January 7th 2004 - Miranda Otto: "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
January 5th 2004

Film Review Magazine (UK) - Miranda Otto: Some Eowyn
January 2004

Published in 2003

Total Film Magazine
January 2004

Empire Magazine
January 2004

Entertainment Weekly - The 5-Year Plan
December 19th 2003

Daily Herald - One film that rules them all (Miranda mention)
December 17th 2003

PageSix - Tour of 'The Rings' (Miranda mention)
December 16th 2003

Posted at - Warrior Woman
December 11th 2003

Associated Press - Final 'Rings' Has Many Endings (Miranda mention)
December 11th 2003

PageSix Gossip - Waiting in 'The Rings'
December 9th 2003

Night and Day Magazine (UK) - Warrior Queen
December 7th 2003 - Rings' Oscar campaign begins (Miranda mention)
December 4th 2003

The Sydney Morning Herald Online - Flight keeps Otto grounded
December 1st 2003

Newsweek - Secrets of the King (excerpts)
December 1st 2003

Famous Magazine - Iron Maiden
December 2003

Brio Magazine (excerpt)
December 2003

NZCity News - Lord of the Rings - and the skies (Miranda mention)
November 27th 2003 - Air New Zealand celebrates RotK (Miranda mention)
November 26th 2003

Official Lord of the Rings Website - Interview with Miranda
posted in November 2003

Official Lord of the Rings Website - Interview with Viggo Mortensen (Miranda mention)
posted in November 2003

FilmForce - Tyrese's Flight on Otto Pilot
October 28th 2003

The Hollywood Reporter - Otto boards flight on Fox's 'Phoenix' redo
October 28th 2003

The Australian Women's Weekly - Miranda Otto: Doing it Her Way
July 2003

Empire - The White Lady: Meet Éowyn, Tolkien's ballsiest lady
January 2003

Published in 2002 - Hot New Stars for 2003
December 31st 2002 - Meet the Ladies of the Ring
December 12th 2002

Hotdog (UK) - Q&A Miranda Otto - The Diamond Ring
Issue 31 December 2002

Venice - Miranda Otto Have Talent Will Travel
April 2002

Entertainment Weekly - 'Lord of the Rings' Watch: Otto Focus
September 06, 2002

BBC News - Meet Gollum and friends (excerpt)

BBC Films - Film 2002 meets Miranda Otto

Published in 1997

HQ Magazine - The Ascent of Miranda Otto
September/October 1997


Graham Fuller - "Miranda Otto." Andy Warhol's Interview. Vol. 32
thanks to Maiden of the Rohirrim

Peter Howell - The Ladies Of The Ring
thanks to Maiden of the Rohirrim