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BBC Films | 2002

Film 2002 meets Miranda Otto
"The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"
Interviewed by Film 2002 with Jonathan Ross

We're at the London premiere, how many times have you seen the film now?
This is my third time tonight, it was very different. The first time was just with a couple of actors, then with a New York audience, and they are very much into cheering you know, but tonight was great, they got all the humour, the stuff with Gollum and with John Rhys-Davies' character.

Your character, Eowyn, is wistful, there's an impending sense of tragedy I feel.
There's more to come in the third film, it's a bit more tragic, but it will end up happily I hope.

You know your way around with a sword as well, presumably a lot of work goes into training for that kind of scene?
Yes, we trained for about three or four weeks before I started but unfortunately I didn't get to do more sword fighting - I wanted to do more.

Do we see more in film three?
Yeah, definitely, I get some really fun stuff in film three.