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BBC News | December 11th 2003

Meet Gollum and friends

[...] Actress Miranda Otto, who is a newcomer to the Rings films, plays Eowyn the White Lady of Rohan, said her character was satisfying to play because she was "as good a fighter as the men".
But Eowyn got "even more ballsy" in the third film, she said, adding: "It was important to me she came across as a strong character and woman because in the book she very much is.
"It was a great character to play because on the outside she seems like the archetypal princess character but on the inside she's tough and strong."
Otto had to learn new skills for the film, including sword-fighting and horse-riding, but said her main battle scene had been "thrown together on the day", and that she was "lucky it actually turned out OK". [...]