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Newsweek | December 1st 2003

Excerpts from 'Secrets of The King'

[...] This week Jackson is shooting footage to insert into the epic battle of Pelennor Fields, among other things. He guides Eowyn (Miranda Otto) and the Witch King (Lawrence Makoare) through some climatic hand-to-hand combat involving swords and a mace, the latter of which will be added digitally ("Whammo," he says. "Yep. Whammo. Whooosh. Bang. Bang. And another one. Whoosh"). [...]

[...] Yes, there are visually arresting moments: The elephantine creatures called Mumakil charging like tanks. The evil orcs overrunning the bone-white citadel of Minas Tirith. Aragorn and an army of ghosts on the offensive. But this time, there are just as many emotionally arresting moments: Faramir (David Wenham) leading a suicide mission just to prove his worth to his father, Denethor (John Noble), who's deranged with grief after the death of a more beloved son. Eowyn, disguised as a soldier trying to protect her wounded uncle King Theoden (Bernard Hill) from the monstrous With King: "I will kill you if you touch him!" [...]

Blunder No. 1: "As people are fleeing Edoras, there are many shots of Eowyn - and in all of them, her hairstyle is different."
Jackson: [Laughs] That shouldn't be! Maybe it was the wind. It was really windy there. [...]

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