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The Sydney Morning Herald Online | December 1st 2003

Flight Keeps Otto Grounded
By Christine Sams
The Sun-Herald

Not even the world premiere of The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King could get Miranda Otto out of Africa, where she is filming a new movie with Dennis Quaid.

Otto won't be among high-profile cast members at the premiere of The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King tonight in New Zealand, because of her commitments overseas.

Her dad, Barry Otto, revealed details about Miranda's new film last week, saying Otto has cut off her long blonde tresses for her role in a remake of the classic film Flight Of The Phoenix.

"She'll have short hair, and probably a good tan," he said, talking about his daughter's film role, which she is shooting in Namibia.

It's an image far removed from the ethereal presence of Otto as Eowyn in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, but Otto said his daughter was more than happy to stay in Africa while LOTR celebrations took place in New Zealand.

Otto senior said, "She's in Africa, shooting the film with Dennis Quaid and Giovanni Ribisi.

"Peter [O'Brien, Otto's husband] is there as well. He's not working, he's just having a look at Africa."

The film is boosting the Namibian economy by millions of dollars.

Ribisi must be used to having Ottos around, after working in Australia last year with Barry on their upcoming film Italian Story. (Ribisi also worked alongside Cate Blanchett in The Gift and Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain, so he's on the verge of becoming an honorary Australian).

The remake of Flight Of The Phoenix is due out mid-2004, with Otto, Quaid and Ribisi expected to stay in Africa for at least another month.

The original film was released in 1965, starring Jimmy Stewart.

The plot centred on a group of men stranded in the Sahara after a plane crash. But Otto's involvement in the new project is expected to give the remake a more feminine edge.