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Empire | February 2004

Most flavour of the week 'fresh faces' are forgotten in a fortnight: so we asked a host of seasoned Hollywood watches to tip the new talent with real staying power. by JEFF GOLDSMITH

As has Miranda Otto, who was on the radar for years, although this babe from Brisbane didn't blossom until she grabbed a sword and lusted after Aragon, debuting as Eowyn in The Two Towers. If that wasn't enough, Otto next traded love for bravery and violence when she battled the Witch King in the trilogy's final chapter. Her talents seem limitless and her future s bright, as Peter Jackson notes.

'I think that Miranda approaches everything she does with truth,' the hallowed director says. 'She's not interested in being anything other then totally real in her portrayal, and literally becomes these characters on the screen. She puts her heart and soul into it. In quite a few sequences in Return Of The King, she broke down in tears after we shot our scenes because she was so there.' [...]