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Total Film Magazine | January 2004

Total Film Cover MIRANDA OTTO
Finally Eowyn's a woman at war. But she's the only one wearing a beard...

Eowyn finally gets to fight in The Return of the King. How was it?
The Pelennor Fields battle is really emotional because they know they can't win. They know they're all riding to die. It was a little scary because Pelennor Fields was the first time I'd been in armour. I had Merry in front of me on the horse, and the horse wasn't happy because he had a camera close to his head. And he was in a line with 350 other horses. There was real fear and power in that moment.

And you were the only woman in sight...
There are a lot of women in those battle scenes! They put out a call for riders to bring their horses down for the scene. Some of them were chicks so they had beards put on them. The guys were really taken with them!

Do you have a favorite memory?
One of my favorite memories is the first time I saw Edoras (Rohan's capital). We got up at four in the morning because it took an hour and a half to get there. Coming over the hill, I saw it shimmering in the morning light. It seemed like an epic castle from a fairytale.

What prop did you get as a farewell gift?
I was given my sword, but it never arrived home. I also took my belt and the clapperboard from my last scene.

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